Te Whakarōputanga Kaitiaki Kura o Aotearoa Annual General Meeting

We require a minimum of 10% of our member boards to have registered, in advance, their delegate for our AGM in order for the meeting to progress. The AGM enables us to conduct our business and it is important to us that boards participate in the process. Each member board has one vote, handled by their delegate, who also has speaking privileges; however, all board members are welcome to join the meeting and listen to the kōrero.. The items submitted this year are all asking us to advocate on issues and we look forward to your views.  If you are the delegate, remember to pick up your AGM pack from the registration area before the meeting. 

Te Whakarōputanga Kaitiaki Kura o Aotearoa Conference 2024

Conference organisers: The Conference Company
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Phone:  +64 9 360 1240

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